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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Happy Women's Day!

A woman went through the most tremendous amount of pain to give me birth, yet she’s given me the most unconditional love.A woman has taught me not to judge people because we don’t know what makes them who they are. Another woman had taught me that the most important person in the world is nobody else but ME.

As a woman, I want to see more women leading successful companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Lego. - As a woman, I want to see more successful Female Directors, Fashion Designers, Writers, Chefs, Presidents, Musicians.

As a woman, I wondered why the World’s 10 best companies (ranked by reputation in 2016), not one, not a single one was founded by a woman. I figured that for a woman, success was probably defined by having a loving solid family and on the other hand, success for a man was translated in making money! Let’s face it, we need both -and woman only just started to have a voice, a job, a choice. Those companies are all 50 years old and plus. It will change!

As a woman, I noticed my insecurities, ego, fears and criticisms were stopping me from being the successful woman I wanted to be. Then I changed country, learnt a whole new language, lived with just enough money to give myself a shelter and food. As a woman, I dug deep, explored and questioned myself over and over and over again. I tried and experienced multitudes of different jobs, mindsets. I’ve watched, read and learned from thousands of people. And now I am 30 and I say it is my turn…

As a woman, it is my turn to share, inspire and lead. As a woman, I faced meaningful suffering, I lost the greatest human being I got to know since I was born, my brother Haykel. There was no word to describe the pain. Seven years later, I was experiencing the most beautiful, powerful enlightenment that one can only wish for. I have found a connection to the limitless amount of love and peace we all have within. I now know where my brother remains, where we all come from and where we’ll all remain. I realised I am not a human being on a spiritual journey but a spiritual being on a physical journey.

And here is what I know about men, they are incredibly sensitive and often so insecure. They have feelings that society tells them they can’t show or express, they have this great gift- they tent to not take things as seriously as us women. I know that although women think about it more often than men, men commit suicides more frequently than women. According to Wikipedia ‘In the western world, males die by suicide three to four times more often than do females, which difference is more pronounced in those over the age of 65.’ I guess as you get older, you look back at your life and ask yourself, what have I achieved, or perhaps, what have I failed to achieve…

There is a bit of everything: ego, fear, doubts, insecurities, frustration, detachment, energy, love, peace, joy) in each and everyone of us, whether you are a woman, a man or both! So, what does it mean to be not just a woman but a human?

“To realise that our role in this life is to Learn, Grow, have Fun and Love, and to hand over all the rest (relationships, money, worries, success, work, etc…) to the Universe”

Peace & Love Ya’ll

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